Anchor Bay/Gualala to Bodega Bay: 52.7 miles and 3,242 feet

Today the road and terrain becomes familiar. We have ridden this stretch of Highway 1 many times and it feels like we are home. We have ridden this on our road bikes not the pack bikes and it’s difficult to hold back. We want to, or at least I do, Erika is more civilized, to ride without abandonment to push the pace and to tame the rollers. I could not ride this road any other way and by the end of the day I paid dearly for this unmindful approach to the ride and reached camp spent, exhausted, and ready for bed.

During today’s ride we met a group of riders from the San Francisco Bay Area who were riding from Mendocino to San Francisco. They were packed lightly and were riding road bikes. All were very experienced riders having ridden many of the most popular and famous centuries and doubles in California and rides in Europe. We annoyed lunch with the group disucci g our trip and learning about new rides and gear at Stewart’s Point. I enjoyed the second sliced brisket sandwich of the trip. I highly recommend it!

I did not take many pictures today. It was a Saturday and for the most part drivers were giving us room and paying attention. I had my hand on the bars though concentrating on the road and the cars.

Two riders came in after dark and in the morning we learned that they were going north bound and were from Steamboat Springs, CO. We talked about passing through Steamboat last year during our ride on the Divide. As it turns out we passed right by their house. I remembered seeing and petting three Scotland Highlander cows. The cows are owned by their neighbors. Small world!

Hiker/Biker camp site at Bodega Dunes State Park
Though all of our food was stored in the food box raccoons came to check out our bags in the middle of the night. I opens the tent and flashed the light and discovered 2 varmints in my bicycle. They backed off reluctantly when I yelled at them and made my way out of the tent.
The camp and tent Captain, Captain Erika.

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