Phillipsville to Leggett: 34.5 miles and 2,647 feet

It was nice to have a rest day in the quiet of the redwoods and the Madrona Inn and wait out the rain. It was the last day of spring rain or so we hope. Today was a short ride and a nice way to rejoin the tour before the big climb out of Legget the next day. The sun was out and living was easy! We rode a little and stopped a lot. Stopped at several stores, took a rest and ate lunch by the side of the road, and met and talked to other cyclists.

I think we are officially through the redwoods and we won’t ride through anymore large groves of redwoods. We enjoyed riding through the redwoods and It wasErila’s favorite part of the trip. Given that some of the trees are thousands of years old I think we have a lot to learn from the trees on survival. The redwood trees outlived the Dinosaurs and probably lived through variable climates. The trees can teach us a lot if we would only listen.

Road was washed out but how bad can it be?
Dry bad indeed! Good thing this is a side road and not the main road!
Before Erika attended Cal for graduate school she attended Humbolt State. Once a month I would drive up to see her. I would pass this tourist area selling chain saw made art every time I drove by but I never stopped.
Do you remember the cartoon Klondike Kat and Savoir-Fair? Savoir-Fair is everywhere? So is sasquatch
Erika’s dream truck
Drying the tent out is a morning ritual

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