Leggett to Caspar:  55 miles and 3,988 miles

Today was the first big climbing day. The climbing started fairly early into the ride and we climbed 2k feet over 4-5 miles. It was a not a very steep climb with an average grade of 4 – 5%. The scenery was beautiful and we rode under trees the entire climb so it was nice and cool on this warm day. The scenery took us in and we did not mind the climb that much. There were few cars and beyond the two areas of the road under heavy repair due to landslides, the road heading to the coast was deserted.The second climb which we tackled after lunch was steeper but shorter. It was equally as beautiful as the first climb.

This was our first time on the northern most part of highway 1 where it begins. After the second climb there was a steep short downhill to the coast. The road takes you to a rugged and steep part of the coast. No beach access here just great views of the  blue ocean and the coast line as far as the eye can see. It’s an amazing view and at that first moment seeing the view from the coast I felt grateful to call California home. The raw rugged beauty was an invitation to enjoy and explore the coast. Being on the bicycle gave us the perfect mode of transportation to slowly drink in the views, smell the salt air, and feel the air cross your face.

Wet camp sight at Caspar RV Park
Caspar light house
Hike along the bluffs to Caspar light house
Erika in her hiking outfit
Erika climbing to northern most point on highway 1
Carrie and Dan on the left from Salt Lake City and Marco and Ronella from The Netherlands
Marco world – ants trapped in a spider’s web
Watched a trucker tighten down his load before ascending to Leggett
Erika enjoying the climb underneath the tree canopy with few cars on the roads
The road from Leggett to highway 1 reminded me of Old Cazadero highway without the steep climbs

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