5/13 Orick to Eureka, CA: 51.2 miles and 1,843 feet

In 1990 Erika was working as an Electrical Engineer and she decided to go back to Graduate School in microbiology. She needed the science course work in Microbiology before she could apply to a Ph.D program and she spent two years at Humbolt State University taking undergraduate course work in microbiology. Coming back to Humbolt county was a home coming of sorts for Erika. We rode the route she rode everyday from her house to campus. She wanted to revisit all of her old spots like the yogurt shop on the square, Hey Juan’s burrito shop, and Los Bagels. Who said you can never go home?

It was a fairly easy ride today. Lots of rollers in Trinidad, rode a nice bike trail from Trinidad to Arcata, and had some headwinds into Eureka. Erika pushed hard into Eureka with headwinds to make it to the post office before it closed. I lost my knee covers and headband and ordered a new pair from Amazon and had them delivered to the Eureka Post Office.

I was looking forward to our two day stay in Eureka. We were staying at an Airbnb tent trailer. It was graduation weekend at Humbolt State and we could not find a room at a hotel in Arcata so we had to stay 12 miles south in Eureka. It’s still in the 40s at night and too cold for us to sleep out. The tent trailer was a perfect setup and the Owner built an outdoor shower and an outdoor kitchen for guests in the tent trailer and campers who pitch their tent in the backyard.

Cooking salmon burgers

Three other travelers pitched tents in the backyard

Our Airbnb trailer tent for two nights

Outdoor shower

Outdoor kitchen for guests

Vanna White showing our tent trailer

Erika at her old stomping grounds

Dog runs

Dog rides

Lunch spot next to the Mad River

Bike path

Road is loosing the battle with nature in Trinidad

View of the beach in Trinidad

Our blazing fast climbing speed

Our rustic hotel in Orick

One thought on “5/13 Orick to Eureka, CA: 51.2 miles and 1,843 feet

  1. Bob Prentiss

    Hi Mayumi, hi Erika,

    Thanks for all of the sharing! I am trying to follow you guys on Facebook, all the great pix with so much to read also. This was the first blog (from this trip!) that I took the time to read from beginning to end. It all fit together so nicely, I really felt like I was there with you. I think it was the going home part that drew me in. Savor these moments, so precious, without fear of overdose or over-consumption. With all that pedaling, your bodies and minds will naturally remain fit until you return to your current home, full and satisfied. 🙂



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