5/11 Zero Day in Crescent City 

We do not normally frequent McDonald’s unless it’s to get an ice cream cone during road trips when we can not find a Wendy’s for a frosty or a Berkshire Hathaway owned Dairy Queen for a non dairy ice cream. On this trip the double arches of McDonald’s is a place we look for and it has become an inviting refuge. $1.00 coffee, with free refills, indoor bathrooms, wi-fi, and sometimes a $1.50 snack. Other cyclists congregate at McDonald’s as well and it’s a good meeting place to meet other cyclists.

Crescent City is a visibly economically depressed city. Many of the homes have a tired look and besides Pelican Bay prison there appears to be no major industry in the area, At the McDonald’s where we had coffee, we saw homeless or nearly homeless people. There was nearly a fight about a service dog who bit someone and there was a no loitering sign on the door. McDonald’s is a refuge for everyone it seems.

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