5/7 Florence to Coos Bay: 51 miles and 1,983 feet

Today we met two women 20 year old Juliette from France and 21 year old Ah-Riz from Quebec, Canada. They are on summer break from University where Juliette is studying Biology and Ah-Riz law. They are two very nice women and the road represents a challenge, fun, and adventure. They don’t appear to be seeking answers or meaning from their experience on the road just the beauty and the companions met along the way.  It’s easy to get swept up in their world of laughter, fun, and innocence. It’s a nice place to be.

We met Juliette and Ah-Riz on the French Election Day. We had something to celebrate with the Macron victory at the McDonalds where we enjoyed coffee and a snack. Ah-Riz was surprised by our interest in French elections and asked why we were happy and if we were French. We were happy for the world that another divider was not elected to lead. Perhaps the world would learn from our mistakes as we suffer through the next four years.

We also met Richard from The Netherlands. This is his second cycling trip in the U.S.. Last year he rode across country which took him three months to complete. He said he loves cycling here and this trip he will ride the entire Pacific Coast Route to Mexico. Richard travels panniers are small in comparison to ours. He’s able todo this by staying at hotels and eatting at restaurants. I think he’s on to something!

Today’s ride had rollers, a few climbs, and as we entered Coos Bay via a bridge significant wind. The wind on the bridge was a serious challenge. We were pushing our bikes on the sidewalk on the bridge and the easterly wind was pushing us into traffic. We were all white knuckled holding onto our handlebars and pushing our bikes forward. Half way through the bridge the design of the bridge changed in such a way that allowed the wind to become very gusty and it was hard to keep our bikes straight and on the sidewalk. It was each woman for herself and at the end of the bridge we celebrated our survival!

Btw, the image caption feature in the Word Press app is not working correctly. There was an update to the app and the feature is disabled. I will update the image caption later to describe the pictures. In the meantime, please make them up!

Crazy man riding with traffic though the signs say not to. He got into trouble mid way through and was unable to ride straight

Ah-Ruiz having fun!

Richard from The Netherlands

Ah-riz on the left and Juliette next to Erika

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