5/8 Coos Bay to Port Orford: 62.8 miles and 2,591 feet

We met a nice woman from Washington DC in the motel parking lot this morning. She was a long distant walker/hiker and was traveling the coast from San Francisco to Portland. Everyday she and her daughter walked about 14 miles along the beach or mountains. A year earlier for her 65th birthday she had walked a pilgrimage trail in Italy that ended in Rome. Each day her luggage was shuttled to the hotel she WS staying the night in and ll she had to do WS very her day pack. Very civilized way to travel!

We had such a fun day riding! We stopped many times to take pictures, took a long lunch and ate fish and chips, and had our bikes worked on at a bike shop. At 4:00 pm we still had 30 miles to go and Erika had to pull us swiftly to Port Ordford. We made it there in 2.5 hours. Luckily, the few big climbs were early in the ride and we only had short rollers.

Speaking about rollers, I think there are three classes of rollers. The longest are 1 mile rollers which we saw many of during our ride on the Great Divide. These are so long that it’s impossible to spin up the incline. The strategy is to pedal like it’s a hill and enjoy the decline without pedaling and enjoy a recovery before grinding up the next one. The shortest rollers are fun and you can alikely stay in the same gear riding up and down. The strategy of the short rollers is to pedal going downhill and try to drop your riding partner on the next roller. It can be fun like a fast roller coaster. The last roller is the middle roller or the death roller is hardest and the most punishing to ride. The  lead into the roller is steep and you may feel the gforce in the hairpin and it gives you the courage to pedal hard through the incline. I can make it you tell yourself! “I will drop all of my friends on this one”. You are forced to change gears to keep up your momentum and get out of the saddle to pedal. You can easily loose a lung or your lunch trying to channel Marco Pantani, the great Italian climber. If it’s done right you can feel a moment of euphoria and triumphant and know that you are queen of the death rollers. On tour, it’s best to keep the race attitude in check or it will make for a long day! 

Picture captions still not working sorry I am not able to describe the pictures! 

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