5/5 Pacific City to Newport by bus

We were done riding in the rain and decided to take a bus to Newport. Thankfully all of the buses are equipped with bike racks to carry threee bikes. Tomorrow there is sun in the forecast!! I generally do not take the bus at home and did not appreciate the convience it provides. In coastal and rural communities I imagine that public transportation is more than a convenience it’s crucial for some. A blind person and a person using a walker were on the bus. Several elderly people and many young people were also in the bus. 

People got off on in rural area where it seemed only the bus driver and the individual getting off the stop knew. In the middle of no where. I wondered where the person would walk to after getting off the bus. Many of the bus stops were are shopping malls and stops were labeled Safeway or Fred Meyers since there was only one in the town. One bus went through the parking lot of a Walmart to the entrance. Great service! 

Taking the bus was a great way to see the area. The bus is not like a long city bus. It’s a small 4WD bus I associate with a shuttle bus to the airport or business Park. It sits higher than a car and from the seats inside you have a good vantage point of the scenery. I enjoyed taking pictures of the rocky beaches, coastal life, and forests.

What will they think of next?
Erika enjoyed her machine made pancake
Clouds today but tomorrow will be cold but sunny!!!
Bike shop in Newports sells bikes and helmets but also has beer and kombucha on tap. Also it has a large loft area with a shower, lounge, fusbol, washer and dryer, and free wifi for cyclists on tour
Every beach we go to becomes my favorite. They are all beautiful!
This bike is Oregon ready! Enclosed from the rain.
We took our front racks off to put them on the bus bike racks. We carried our panniers, front packs, and handlebar bags onto the bus.

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