5/2 – Rained out! Drove from Longview, WA to Astoria, OR

The forecast showed rain all day in Longview and Astoria and given we had ridden in the rain all day the previous day were not in a hurry to ride in the rain. Looking at the route map and discussing it with Art we felt our best option was to rent a car and drive to Astoria. We enjoyed the drive to Astoria inside the dry car. I particularly enjoyed the heated seats!

We called Maggie Erika’s father’s wife who grew up in Astoria to ask what we should see or visit while we were there. We visited the Astoria Column, riverfront, and beach front. Astoria is a nice place and I would consider living here if not for all of the rain.    

Tonight was a Warm Showers stay at Steve’s. Steve lived in Los Gatos and sold his home and relocated to Astoria in October. He survived one of the wettest winter yet so I think he’s going to stay. His apartment is in a converted thread factory on the waterfront. He has great views of the bay and all of the action on the busy waterfront. In addition to taking us in Steve hosted to women from Michigan. 

There was a sign warning of Elk and sure enough…
Steve’s converted apartment is in a thread factory building
Long John Silver buying crab pots at Costco
The Astoria library offering services for all
Met a friend at the library
View of the Columbia River
View of the harbor in the morning
Rose and Ellen from Michigan. Two additional Warm Showers guests
Steve Warm Showers host

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