4/30 Cosmopolis to Centralia: 55.9 miles 322 feet

We delayed departing from our Warm Showers host’s home due to the rain. The rain would turn on and off like a faucet. Down pour then nothing. At 11:00 am we finally darted out between downpours and took an alternate route our Warm Showers host recommended on a community path along the river with no cars. Any time on a car less path is always welcomed. We are able to relax and not worry about the car passing distance, we get a relief from the noise of trucks using engine breaks, and we are able to meander and enjoy the view instead of concentrating on the road.

We officially rejoined the Pacific Tour Route today after taking a detour of the Olympic Peninsula. The route took a turn east and the landscape turned from ocean and trees  to rural rolling farmland mostly filled with grazing cattle. What didn’t change was the rain. 

Chehalis River Surge Plain bike/hike path
An eagle or osprey nest
Small herd of buffaloes. Light brown is the calf

An unfinished nuclear reactor mars the idyllic countryside
A rare dry moment

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