5/4 Nehalem to Pacific City, OR: 53.8 mile and 2,006 ft

It’s amazing what a difference a day makes. Yesterday the sun was shinning and I rode with just my cycling jersey without a vest or jacket. We woke to find the coast was socked in with fog. The weather app showed only a 20% chance of rain so we tucked our rain gear in. It was cold a nearly 20 degree difference in temperature from 64 to 45.We lunched indoor at Tillamook cheese visitor center and afterwards the rain came in. It was light but persistent and we thought surely the rain would stop and did not put on our rain gear. After an hour of rain and at the top of a 600 ft climb, we relented and put on our rain gear. Lightening and thunder followed and then hail. We were dirty with road grime and we did not out on our rain covers. Our shoes were thoroughly wet. When we arrived to the motel our only wish was for a hot shower, a washing machine, and coffee. 

When I’m riding and it’s a beautiful day like yesterday my mind is clear and empty and I am absorbing all of the beauty and details of the area we’re riding in. On a cold and wet rainy day my mind and spirit become weak and I become blind to my surroundings and stay inside of my head. A game of mind ping pong begins and I think of everything but the ride. I can become angry and agitated thinking about things that have nothing to do with the ride. If only I could train my mind to enjoy the ride in sun and during rain, then I would enjoy the ride no matter what. I guess that’s a lesson for life you can learn on the road.

We passed many small towns which center of commerce is fishing
Can you see the fry whale breaching?
A mound of oyster shells
Tillamook visitors center was a nice break from the cold
Tillamook cheese delivery drivers

3 thoughts on “5/4 Nehalem to Pacific City, OR: 53.8 mile and 2,006 ft

  1. Linda

    Check out “circles in the sand ” labyrinths in Bandon, at Face Rock beach. If you happen to be there on a day they do a labyrinth, worth it to see.


  2. You sound pretty down today Mayumi. I know how you feel with all the relentless rain. It just sucks! But…try to play the Glad Game and remember this too shall pass EVENTUALLY.. Rain rain go away!


  3. Thought you might get a kick out of my post in 2012 when Sue and I were on the same roads.
    Sunday, June 3 — The Tunnel
    Are you getting tired of me talking about the rain? Yep, another wet day in the neighborhood. Gratefully, I have been able to put my tent in Jude’s van during the day and it dries out before I have to set it back up. But…my Thermorest has moisture in it which is kind of weird. My down sleeping bag is staying dry though (so far).

    We’ve started to climb and therefore, it’s taking longer to get anywhere. Today we stopped for breakfast in Newhalem at a little grocery store/cafe combo. We had two choices, biscuits and gravy or chili. I chose the b&g but they were so awful that I threw them away and bought some Frosted Cherry Poptarts. Oh my, I forgot how good those things taste on a bike ride…

    A little later as the climbing was getting very steep, we came upon a tunnel that we had to press a button to warn cars that there are bikes in the tunnel. I didn’t want to stop because it was so steep, but I knew I had to. Unfortunately, I had shut off my back blinker at breakfast. So, I pressed the button and Sue came up behind me afraid to stop for fear of not getting going again and we entered the very black tunnel. Now, keep in mind that traffic is warned there are bikes in the tunnel, but it was SUCH a dangerous situation because it was pitch black and I had to get going up hill from a dead stop and we could not see each other, nor the sides. I was in fear for my life and pedaling for all I’m worth knowing Sue was ahead of me and I might rear-end her or worse yet, we might both get rear-ended by a car paying no attention to warning lights. Once we could finally see the light at the other end, here came a car up behind us. We made it out just in the nick of time. I was breathing so heavily from the effort and my thighs were on fire! We found a wide place to pull over and count our blessings. At that point I turned back on my blinker and have had it on ever since.

    We stayed at the Colonial Peak Campground paying $12, but no showers. Uggh! There were bear boxes in the campground so we put all our food in one and while sitting in our tents, some little chipmunks got into the van and had their way with an avocado and some cliff bars. They left their little droppings just to make sure we knew they were there. Worried about bears when we should have been worried about chipmunks.


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