5/3 Astoria to Nehalem 48.9 miles and 2,489 ft

The sun does shine in Oregon after all! I wasn’t sure but I saw it and felt it and I rode without my rain gear today. It was an amazing ride out in the sunshine and I think all of the people felt it too. Many people were at the beach In Seaside even though it was fogged in and you could not see the ocean from the seashore. I think the lack of rain brought everyone out of hibernation.

It’s amazing how the weather can change your mood. Instead of an intentional ride to get from one location to the next with little chit chat, we enjoyed many breaks and joked and talked along the way. We stopped many times for short breaks and lingered at overlooks and took many pictures. I gave thumbs up to drivers who gave us room and waved to driver who passed by. In the rain, I’m not as giving.

Today’s ride included more climbing and it will remain that way for the rest of the ride.  The climbs are not as steep or as long as what we are used to. The coast has rollers that are not as steep as hills we ride in Marin, the Sierras, or the east bay. The rollers have a rhythm to riding it. You usually start on a downhill building up speed, dip to the low in a banking turn trying to keep your speed up, and then climb out of the roller on an incline. If you do it right and you kept your momentum up as much as possible into the incline, rollers can be fun even on a fully loaded bike. If you don’t manage your speed or you’re in the wrong gear and can’t keep the moment up, rollers can be an unwelcomed four letter strewn work out.

Tourist from a cruise descend on Astoria
The fog plays peek and boo with the bridge
Locals in Seaside with their crab pots lines. Maybe dinner is waiting.
I had a big salmon on my line but he got away. At least I have this picture as proof!
Even though there was fog many people came out to play on the beach
Park in Canon Beach
Happy cyclists with no rain gear!!
Canon Beach is a nice beach community
Crossed through our first tunnel. Push a button for flashing lights to signal a cyclist in the tunnel. We barley fit on the walk way and choose to ride it instead of the road

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