4/26 Sequim to Port Angeles to Forks, WA: 20.8 miles and 452 feet

It was difficult to leave in the morning knowing that we would be riding in a light rain and 46 degrees. However, we had a short ride of 20 miles to Port Angeles where we would ride a bus 57 miles to Forks. Highway 101 from Port Angeles goes past Lake Cresent is dangerous and the alternate route around the lake was damaged from the rain storms.

We rode the remaining part of the Olympic Discovery trail to Port Angeles and the beginning of the ride was nice and easy. We rode through neighborhoods, farm land, and parks. We also had views of Mount Olympus and the Straights of Juan de Fuca. 

The last two miles of the ride were along the Straights of Juan de Fuca. The wind was blowing on shore and we had a very strong head wind and we dropped our speed to 4 mph. 

Blossoming trees along the Discovery Trail
Crocket a cute goat we met along the trail
We crossed many bridges over creeks and rivers
Views of Mount Olympus
The Straight of Juan de Fuca blowing
Erika fights the headwinds
The bus ride felt like a field trip
We had to take off our front racks to put the bikes on the bus
Lake Crescent from the bus

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