4/25 Port Townsend to Sequim: 39 miles 1,712 feet 

We went off route in Port Townsend and instead of going east to Elma, WA we are going west to the Olympic Peninsula. I have been intrigued with this area since taking a flight to Seattle from Oakland. From the east side of the plane I saw Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helens. On the west side I noticed a long mountain range on the west side of the plane before the ocean. I later learned this was the Olympic Peninsula and added it to the bucket list.

How do you pronounce Sequim? You drop the e Dan told us and you have Squim. Sequim considered the rain shadow of the area, is where we were headed. We first rode the Larry Scott trail out of Port Townsend. It’s a hard to find Trail in the marina. Once we found it we enjoyed a dirt path next that parallels the sea shore and eventually took us inland through a moss covered path under trees. It seems to be a pedestrian favorite. The Larry Scott path led to 10 miles on highway 20 and then connected to the Discovery trail for the last 8 miles into Sequim. 

Overall I would give the drivers in Washington a D on bike awareness and safety. We have been cut off by two semi trucks and several cars. Drivers on the whole do not give cyclists the right away when walking bikes in cross walks, do not slow down when passing cyclists on the shoulder of the road, and occasionally honk at cyclists. The worst is traveling on 30 where there are rumble strips between the lanes on the two lane part of the road. If I don’t hear a vehicle moving over to the rumble strips to give us room on the shoulder I wonder if this is it. Is this where I die? A little dramatic I know but the thought does pop into my head. If the drivers would learn to share the road and slow down, I think I would have less grey hair.

We met another couple on the Discovery path headed to Vancouver Island via Port Angeles. There were a few local cyclists but no one on the PCR. Given the huge amount of Rain in the Pacific Coast it’s not surprising. Seattle has 48″ of rain this year, in Forks where we are heading it rained every day in the month of March, and in the “rain forest” of the Olympic Peninsula it receives on average 100″ of rain each year. Given the rain, we have adjusted our riding and camping schedule. There will be more hotel stays and a few bus rides to get us through the area.

Port Townsend has a large working marina focused on working boats vs pleasure craft
Beginning of the Larry Scott trail
Views of the San Juan islands from Port Townsend
Larry Scott trail turns inland under a canopy of trees
Kliksat community center in Sequim

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