4/24 Deception Pass to Port Townsend: 33.6 miles and 1,885 feet

Short mileage doesn’t always mean that it’s going to be an easy day. 26 flat miles a piece of cake. 26 miles of rollers builds strong legs and character. Today’s was the later. The rollers were not steep or long. They were steep enough and long enough to make you feel every pound in your panniers. It makes you think of everything in your bag and what you can dump out on the side of the road as soon as your reach the top.

San Juan Islands in the distant
Erika creating a pesky roller
It rained all night but we lived through it

As we passed Widbey Island many jets from the naval base flew noisily overhead. It was very noisy and I wonder how the neighbors learn to live with the sonic booms. It was a treat to see that many though. I don’t know the types of planes but they look cool and stealthy. 

We caught the Port Townsend Ferry in Coopeville. It was my first time on a car ferry and I was surprised by the size of trucks and the nmber of cars on the ferry. Pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicyclist board first and then the big trucks and passenger cars. It was windy and cold outside on the deck once the ferry began so we stayed inside and enjoyed the view and enjoyed conversations with the locals.

Erika our aching a ferry ticket
Erika securing our bikes
A nice display of First Nation art on the ferry
Distant rain clouds are menacing

We were staying anither Warm Showers in Port Townsend. Dan and Lys are famous in the bike touring world. They are two of the four founders of Adventure Cycling Association. ACA prints maps of bike routes, advocates for cyclists, and offer cycling tours. There is a monthly magazine that we read cover to cover. We were lucky that there was only one other rider scheduled to stay at their house who we happened to meet on the ferry, Fasier from the U.K.. 

Dan and Lys built an apartment for Warm Shower cyclists. They wanted to give back since they received much support over the years. The apartment has a kitchen and a bedroom. They also offer one bedroom in their residences upstairs. Over Isako Egawa penne pasta with pesto and kale which I cooked, we talked to Dan about his cycling trips and starting Adventure Cycling. We represent their legacy. Two people who were inspired to ride and travel via bicycle by reading articles in Adventure Cycling magazine. It was great to meet our heros!

Twosie training Mayumi
Dan and Lys house
Apartment kitchen built for Warm Shower cyclist
View from bluff above Port Townsend ferry

4 thoughts on “4/24 Deception Pass to Port Townsend: 33.6 miles and 1,885 feet

  1. Aimee Toth

    would like to know if one Cyclist and one non-cyclist person could travel along this route together? Second person has pain and mobility issues, but can walk, just not far, but loves the outdoors


    1. Yes! The non rider is an honored position and called the honorable sag driver. The driver has all day to read, walk, and shop while riders suffer. We meet at the end of the day and the driver receives free beer, food, and the undying gratitude of the riders. Let me know when you want this honorable and distinguished position. 😊


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