4/23 Ferndale WA to Deception Pass: 60 miles and 2,192 feet

We stayed an hour later than we expected because we were enjoying our conversation with our Warm Shower hosts, Roy and Samantha. They are incredibly nice and welcoming. “Our casa is su casa”. We had so much in common. I wished we lived closer so we could bike together.

Roy and Samantha – Kind Warm Shower hosts
Their tandem Matilda

Shortly after leaving Ferndale we hit the coast and traveled along the water. It was flat until Bellingham and the the rollers and the climbing began. Out of Bellingham there were moss covered trees on the side of the roads and old growth trees. You would not know your riding along the Coast when suddenly the trees give way to spectacular views of the ocean and the San Juan islands.

From Bellingham to Anacortes we hit headwinds and rain. We dropped our pace from10 mph to about half and then it began to rain in earnest. Headwind build character but headwind and rain? It can kill you!

We passed the headwinds protected by Anacortes and climbed some rollers to Deception Pass bridge. The character building  to get here was all forgotten. The beauty of the area the engineering marvel of a long bridge spanning a long distant about 250 feet above the ground just brings awe and delight. We walked across the bridge pushing our bikes and squeezed past pedestrians walking the other direction.

We finally made it to camp at 6:30. It was a long day and we were tired. Sue Joerger who rode with us on the Great Divide lives in Seattle and made the drive down to see us apple pie in hand. Seeing Sue again I wonder if it’s the same as seeing an old army buddy. You share an experience and over time form a bond and a kinship that only the people who have gone through what you have understand. It’s a strong bond that you know will be there forever.

One thought on “4/23 Ferndale WA to Deception Pass: 60 miles and 2,192 feet

  1. I haven’t experienced that bridge (yet). Beautiful photos! Don’t let that rain get you down. Just get out of it as often as you can to dry out and warm up. Take care and I’ll look forward to your next post.


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