Touring Vancouver Day 2

Here’s a Canadian joke. 

Mayumi (pointing to a large stadium from the sky train): I think that the Canuck’s stadium

Erika: What’s a Canuck?

Maple Leafs and Oilers fans don’t’ laugh. She would ask the same had we passed your stadium.

We were back on our bikes today touring Toronto. I can’t say enough about Vancouver and their support for cyclists. There are dedicated bike lanes, protected bike lanes, many bike boulevards, and bike crossing lights. It’s a model city and an example how cars and cyclists can coexist.

Protected bike path
Dedicated bike path

We cycled to Stanley park along the shore and stopped at the totem poles. To me the totem poles are representative of Pacific North West First Nations. Though we learned that not all First Nation tribes carved totem poles. Each can have a different meaning and are used on the interior and exterior. The animals and the combinations of animals on the totem poles have different meaning.

Stanley Park has an outer bike path which is a popular path for tourists on rental bikes. It’s along the water and has great views. It’s crowded and many are understandably busy looking at the view and not the bike path. An alternative and quite enjoyable path is the inner hiking, biking, and equestrian paths that zig zag through the park. It’s covered with trees and the paths quite literally cross each other and can take you around in circles. We would have spent all day on these uncrowned paths if we had brought our lunch.

Example of tree covered paths in Stanley park
She took the equestrian path

I would like to stay in Vancouver for a month to enjoy the mountain views, discover great restaurants, take in the arts, and enjoy cycling in a bike friendly city.

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