Touring Vancouver Day One 4/20

The NYTimes had a good article about 4/20 yesterday and I should have paid attention to the date. More on that later…we slept in until 9:00 am rejuvenated from a comfortable nights sleep in a bed. We abandoned our bikes for the day to trek across the city.

This is our first time in Vancouver and we were looking forward to discovering the city. First impressions: it’s very bike friendly, it’s a beautiful city out lined by mountains, there are many bodies of water including a river, a bay, and the Pacific Ocean, and its spread out in all directions with distinct neighborhoods.

It was nice to get off the bike and take the train and walk around the city. Erika took us on an 8 mile walk and I was tired by the end of the day from walking in my slip on shoes. We started in Gastown to visit a First Nation art gallery. I am intrigued with Pacific Coast First Nation art and we visited a gallery I receive emails from, Inuit Art Gallery of Vancouver. We learned that some of the best First Nation art is in the airport. If you happen to fly to Vancouver you’re in for a treat!

Inukshuk- a symbol of welcome
Cute floating homes in the harbor
View of North Toronto
Grouse mountains

We then followed a walk around the water front. We could see the Grouse mountains in the distant covered in snow, sea planes taxing and landing, and ship, barges, and boats in the busy water way. The weather was about 60 degrees and the locals seem to enjoy the break in the rain.

As we headed toward south beach we noticed thousands of people on the beach. What’s that smell? Pot. It’s a Thursday evening. Why are there this many young people out. Why are people selling pot? It’s 4/20 of course. People out celebrating pot holiday! Erika was not happy to come across the smoke from the pot. We quickly left the area as I amused about my idea of a gourmet organic pot cafe/ electric car charging station for cars and e-bikes.

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