Pacific Coast Bike Route

On April 18th, we will drive to Bellingham, WA and ride 55 miles to Vancouver, BC to start the Pacific Coast Bike Route. The route is 1,857 miles with 61,386 elevation gain. Our plan is to ride 70 miles per day and with 3 rest days, it should take us just about a month to complete. In Port Townsend, WA we will detour off route to the Olympic Peninsula and will rejoin the route in Elma, WA.

Due to the heavy rains this winter the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in Big Sur, CA was damaged and has been demolished. The bridge will reopen in late September. The route from Big Sur to Cambria is the most beautiful and scenic part of the entire ride. We have ridden the coast from Carmel to Nacimiento Road and I feel for those riders who are not from the area and who will miss this part of the route. More feelings go to the those who live in Big Sur and are cut off from the world.

Pac coast bike route image
Pacific Coast Route – Vancouver to Imperial Beach


Pacific Coast Route
At Port Townsend instead of following the route to the east, we will stay to the west and travel the Olympic Peninsula
Big Sur reroute
Due to the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge outage in Big Sur and land slides south of Big Sur along highway 1, we will ride 147 miles inland and join the route in Cambria

One thought on “Pacific Coast Bike Route

  1. Sue Joerger

    Hey! Great to hear about your new adventure! Sounds like a blast! I am headed to the Yukon this summer to bike to the Arctic Ocean. Just for a couple of weeks or so! Let me know when you are riding in Bellingham and south or are driving through Seattle. It would be fun to see you both. Maybe I could join you for a day on my new road bike and even keep up! :). Be prepared for lots of rain up here! Ugh!

    Sue Joerger


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