Antelope Wells – The End

It’s been five months since the end of the GDMBR ride and I could not bring myself to write the last few posts detailing the last days of our ride. It was our goal when we started was to get to the end in Antelope Wells but I never expected to feel such sorrow and longing when it was all done.  I had come to love life on the road and I would have preferred to stay on the lonesome dusty roads with Erika.  I am a Buddhist flunky! I am attached to the road, to the long grinding climb to a mountain pass, to the afternoon showers that water the wild flowers and everything else under the sky, to the end long dusty roads peppered with distant mountain ranges, to the quiet nights and the star, and to the wonder of what’s over the next pass. I am grateful for the experience, the people who helped us along the way, and to the wide open beautiful spaces.

Since the five months in between I have had time to reflect on our trip. It was a wonderful trip and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s doable if you take it day by day. Fear is all in your head and if you push past it will open up to a new way of living. It’s okay to be hungry. You’ll eventually get sustenance! It okay to stay wet and dirty for days. Eventually you will get clean and it will feel wonderful! It’s okay to go slow. What better way to see the world!

I am able to write this post knowing the our next adventure on the Pacific Coast Bike Route is 24 days away (4/22/17). We will ride 1,857 miles along the coast from Vancouver to Imperial Beach, CA. At the end of the ride we will ride 40 miles east to Tecate, CA and begin the Sierra Cascades Bike Route 2,398 miles back to Canada. It’s a sea to summit route! That’s the plan for now and we hope to make it up and back all in one piece! May the force be with us!

31 flat miles left
Road Side Diner

7 thoughts on “Antelope Wells – The End

  1. Traci Wentling

    Oh my gosh, another adventure ALREADY!?! I am so so SO jealous! Please keep up the blog so I can keep up with you via words (since obviously I can’t keep up with you on the bike).

    Much love to you both. Adventure on!

    Liked by 1 person

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