September 10 Ride Update

I’m three days behind on the blog posts and tomorrow we leave for 4 days of backcountry riding with no cell or wi-fi access so I thought that I would post an updates. First, I’m very excited to share the the Alpha Alpha pack members of Jane Yant, Sue Westfield, and Carrie Thompson completed the Divide about 1 week ago! We are very proud of them and I congratulate them on their success! These three women are fast and tough riders and I’m happy to have met them and ride with them for a short time. Way to go!!!!

Today we are in Pie Town and we have 308 miles left to go. The next four days include a lot of steep uphill and we have studied the map and created a plan to carve out the route evenly. The official route has short days for the first two days and has an increase in the mileage the last two days. We front loaded the miles so that the first two days are 60 and 50 miles and the last two are 45 and 35.

After we finish this section we arrive in Silver City and will take a rest day. From there it’s two more days covering the last 120 miles of the Divide and we expect to complete it on Saturday September 17. We will see about the finish date as there is some weather moving in and it may change our plans.

We arranged from a shuttle to pick us up and take us to El Paso where we will rent a car and drive to Kalispell, MT to pick up our truck. It’s bitter sweet to see the light at the end of our ride. We’ve met so many wonder people and have seen many beautiful places. It will be hard to say goodbye to the Divide.

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