Abiquiu to Cuba – 2 Days and 65 Miles

The mileage between Abiquiu to Cuba is not far in distance but the ride was perhaps the toughest two days on the divide. The first day was a long steady and sometimes steep climb to Polvadera Mesa. The roads at first were nicely maintained hard packed gravel but soon gave way to unmaintained rocky roads and digressed even further to unmaintained water eroded roads exposing lava and rocks. According to the Divide book “the route is the toughest climb of the Divide by many riders”. Looking at the map and the grade of the climb I underestimated the two days before the ride and I am firmly in the “toughest climb” camp.

We rode only 20 miles the first day due to an afternoon thunder shower and the after effects of food poisoning. We camped at a great spot underneath trees near the top of the Mesa. It was a quiet peaceful place to sleep and rest after the tough day of climbing.

The next day brough 8 more miles of tough climbing to reach the top of the mesa which took 3 hours. At the top we were happy and looking forward to the rolling terrain and downhill but we were quickly disappointed. The same tough roads conditions we rode up were the same going down. Rain rutted rocky roads made for difficult riding for most of the remainder of the ride. It was slow going and took a lot of concentration to focus on the road and chosing a clean line.

Usually the Forrest Service and BLM roads are maintained and are in better condition than county roads. However in this case it was the opposite. As soon as we reached the county roads the roads improved and we were able to relax and enjoy the ride.

Faint view of the last of the Rockie mountains which we hve traveled 2,300 miles

Flowers still in bloom – we have seen wild flowers from Banff to New Mexico

Drying out wet clothes

Lava exposed roads due to the water erosion

Beautiful but deadly mushrooms all over the forrested roads

Cuba a small city in southern New Mexico struggling to survive
Animal feed conviently sold ar the grocery store
Cute and friendly pup infront of the laundry mat
Historic building in Cuba

Chili season in New Mexico. A vendor roasts hot green chili that can be smelled from the air
A Navajo family sells mutton on fry bread. The mutton was tough but good

2 thoughts on “Abiquiu to Cuba – 2 Days and 65 Miles

  1. Roy Egawa

    What an ordeal you’ve had today and the days Mayumi and other Alpha Pack were suffering from some sort of food poison. Erika came through showing her caring side by looking for the camera by ride 20 miles altogether, and nursing Mayumi back to well enough so all of you can resume the epic journey.
    Isn’t it amazing that you can see the light at the end of tunnel ?
    We will continue to look forward to read/see your well-documented blog.


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