Sick Day Chama

Two days earlier we received a text from Carrie (Alpha alpha pack rider two weeks of the slow Alpha pack) that five riders had arrived at Hopewell Lake sick. There we’re suspicions that the riders had food or water poisoning from Platoro or Horca, small town near Platoro. At camp during the evening I too became sick and we decided instead of pushing on two days on the route away from a city to turn around ride to Chama via highway 17. We stayed at a hotel for two days to give me time to recover. Dr. Lindquist was a great doctor who helped me recover making me chicken noodle soup and crackers.

It was about 30 miles to Chama and one short climb up Cumbres Pass and a 10 mile fast descent into Chama. We were able to see the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad pull into Cumbres pass. It’s is a narrow gauge coal powered  train and if you’re in the area I would highly suggest a ride on the train.

Update on the food/water poisoning. For three weeks riders have become sick. All Alpha Alpha pack members, two ACA (Adventure Cycling Association) riders, myself, and a few other riders have all gotten sick. Erika is the only person who has not. She drank water in Platoro and Horca and only ate a huge cinnamon role and no cooked food.

One thought on “Sick Day Chama

  1. Golly, this sickness thing is scary. It would be really good to know if it came from the water or from food at a cafe. In any event, I will be eating MRE’s and filtering my water when there. Glad you’re back up to speed. Take care friends!


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