Weather Day Del Norte

As mentioned before Indian Pass at 11.9k is the highest pass on the Divide. It’s a long climb of 25 miles, the first 12 easy and the last 13 the book describes as memorable or in biker parlance a suffer fest! Indiana pass is what we bikers live for and the reason we bike. The chance to ride the difficult, the challenge of it, the bragging rights! The entire ride through CO has been a preparation for this climb. What makes this climb difficult to plan for is the weather. If it rains, you should not ride it as the mud will muck up your drive train and your bike will not move. You could as one rider mentioned, “get stuck up there for days and no one would know”. If it’s cold and a thunderstorm comes in it could snow. Since it’s monsoon season right now is not the ideal time to make the pass.

Based on the weather report we decided to wait one more day to attempt the pass. It rained last night and if there is only a thunderstorm today it would give the pass one more day to dry out. If by tomorrow the weather does not cooperate we will need to ride the highway to New Mexico. A disappointment for sure but we will be back to CO and will ride it another time if it does not happen this time!

We are staying at the Organic Peddlar hostel, a cute efficient hostel in Del Norte. We met the owner and she built the hostel from a historic log cabin years ago.

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