Salida as it has been described to me is a small artsy town in the mountains. The Arkansas River runs through town and during the summer months rafting, fishing, and mountain biking is very popular. During the winter the nearby Monarch Mountain draws a mostly local crowd. It’s a town that we could easily stay longer.

We stayed at the Simple Hostel and it is a popular stay for hikers on the Colorado Trail and GDMBT riders. The hostel has bunk rooms, showers, a kitchen, and a Icommunity room. It was nice to meet through hikers. They have a language and culture unique to hikers. For example, hikers go by their trail names. We met M&M, Puch, Silver Fox, The Dutch Man, and Blueberry. We don’t know their real names. Do you know what zero day, jump box, or slack packingis? Hiker words!

Nate at Fitzpatrick’s bike shop way back in Idaho adjusted my derailleur. Salsa sent a derailleur to Nate but it was not the correct one. All Nate could do was swap out some parts from the new to the old derailleur and adjust it. Unfortunately the shifting problem appeared again and I experienced chain jumping and spontaneous shifting. We called Salsa again and this time they sent the correct derailleur to Raphael of Sub Culture Cycles in Salida. Raphael is a super friendly person and competent bicycle mechanic. He replaced the derailleur, replaced a cable, installed new break pads and a tire, and adjusted and tightened the head set. I’m good to go to finish the trip!

Letters sent to hikers at the hostel
Hiker clothes bin at the hostle
Packages, likely food boxes for hikers

Cycling cats – I dont think they liked it based on their cries

Salida has installed a kayak slalom course in the Arkansas river, downtown Salida

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