Mini update… Today is Thursday August 25th and we are in Del Norte CO a small town in southern CO. I’m about five rides behind in the blog. The weather is a primary consideration when we are planning our rides these days. It’s monsoon season in CO which typically means afternoon thunder and showers. Several cold fronts have brought a dusting of snow to Telluride and the nearby Sangre de Cristo mountains range close to where we are. The mornings and afternoons are cold!

Frisco to Como was a short ride but it did include a climb up Boreas pass. A rail grade the steepness was no more than 3% which made the climb easy and comfortable. On the day we made the climb the National Forest Service was celebrating the annual Rail Days. It’s a day to remember and celebrate the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad history in Brekenride and Como. At the top of the pass is an old workers cabin, Section House, which is now a 10th Mountain Division hut. It was opened for the day and volunteers served pancakes all day. Nice treat after reaching the summit. Half way down the pass towards Como was a narrow gauge railroad track section with a great view. At Como the round house was opened and visitors could walk in the building. The hotel and depot were also opened and visitors could see the progress of the restoration.

In the evening in the Como community center was a $5.00 lasagna dinner and Bingo. Erika and I were invited to pitch our tent at the community center and join the town people at dinner. Como btw only has 23 full time residents and 50+ homesteads. Many of the owners live in Denver and keep a weekend place in Como and others families have historical ties to the area. We felt welcomed and we really enjoyed a fun evening. Erika it turns out loves Bingo!

Ski chair in Frisco
Frisco to Brekenridge bike path
Local artist along the bike path
fly fisher people along the bike path

Brekenridge ski runs

View of Brekenridge from Boreas pass road
Car driving up Boreas pass
Inside Section House
Erika riding toward Como

Narrow gauge track

View of South Park towards Como
Inside Como Round House

Town of Como with gravel roads and only some homes have water, most have electricity

Home for the night

Tough life of a guard dog
Top of Boreas pass
Dinner and Bingo at Como Community Center

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