Today’s ride was to be an easy 30 miles to Hartsel mostly flat and mostly all on gravel roads. South Park as this area is known, is a high dessert area and  is void of lakes and creeks which we have seen plenty of in other part of Colorado. We rode through cattle grazing land and county land. The scenery is not as dramatic compared to other parts of the trip. The wide open spaces and the remoteness of the area is inspiring and gives your mind and thoughts space and solitude to think and contemplate. We reached Hartsel at 12:30, after 30 miles of  washboard roads and we decided to combine two days ride into one and ride on to Salida, another 47 miles. There was one four mile climb and the rest was was rolling hills. It was a good decision since there was nothing much in Hartsel and since another rain storm was heading our way. Speaking of storms, we did get caught in an  afternoon thunder storm that lasted about 30 mins. We huddled under a tree to let the lightning pass and continued on in a light downpour. After we climbed the summit and came down in altitude the rain stopped and the temperature increased noticeably. It was a long day in the saddle by the end of the day.

Sunrise at Como

Hell is filled with washboard, I don’t recommend it

Erika admiring the collegiate mtn range
Geek rain wear

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