Weather Day/Rest Day in Kremmling

We stayed at a RV camp ground and the short late afternoon rain storm in Kremmling let up during the night. However we woke to find a storm heading south where we were heading and the weather app confirmed an all day rain storm. We decided to wait it out and stay in Kremmling this time in a hotel.

Storm heading south of Kremmling

2 thoughts on “Weather Day/Rest Day in Kremmling

  1. Roy Egawa

    To all Amazing Alpha Pack Gang,

    It’s truly is amazing to know what you have been going through and come out victortiously with so much joy. Your very informative blog, together with beautiful photographs, have an impact on me, as though I, too, am doing the ride šŸ™‚ Keep on pedaling and be amazed with beautiful places and people you are meeting. Pray that all of you will continue to be healthy and keep on pedaling.
    Isako and Roy
    p.s. Roy will be coming back from his backpack trip tomorrow night. Next Wednesday, I will be getting a new right knee !!

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  2. Isako-san,

    Thank you very much for your support by following us and sending us good thoughts and well wishes! Looking forward to seeing you and catching up with you and Roy. Love E and M


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