SALIDA to SARGENTS – 42.6 Miles

Reluctantly we left Salida. I say that because Salida is an easy and comfortable place to stay. There are good restaurants, two nice coffee shops, three bike stores, a river running through downtown with nice viewing areas, a nice bike trail…I think you get the picture. We say that when we get into town from the trail towns become sticky and hard to leave.
The ride to Sargents has 4,000 ft of climbing over 27 miles almost from the start. The climbs were not steep just long and if you can get into a good rhythm it can be meditative. The first 12 miles were on pavement and the rest on maintained gravel roads. The climb was nice since there were few cars but there were some obnoxious ATV riders around. Funny since the riders were likely Amish kids on Rumspringa perhaps? (Rumspringa when an Anish youth chooses baptism within the Amish church, or instead leaves the community). I would have thought that Amish kids would be more polite.

The top of the climb Marshall pass is at 10.8k. The weather at the top was nice and we enjoyed lunch in the sun. The afternoon clouds moved in quickly and on the decent into Sargents we had our jackets on and the threat of rain looked eminent. We quickly put up our tent just before the rain came in and it rained all night.

About sleeping in the rain…we have a Big Agnes Copper Spur and it’s a great tent. Great in the sense that it’s a lite for Erika to carry 3 lbs (I carry the food) and during the trip when we’ve slept in the rain we have remained dry. On the days when it’s wet and cold our tent is a haven.

Salida bike trail

Marshall pass road
Erika and Sid (ACA ride leader) climb Marshall Pass
O’Haver Lake Campground
Colorado Trail and Continental Divide meet
Weather moving in

Beaver den

Alpha Pack and ACA Divide Riders meet up again
Approaching storm it rained all nighr but we stayed dry in iur tent

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