We left Kremmling at 6:00 am to avoid the afternoon rain. It was quite cold when we started but we warmed quickly on the short steep climbs before the big climb to Ute pass at 9.5k ft. The roads were a combination of hard packed gravel and pavement and we enjoyed great scenery along the way of farm land, lakes, and mountains.
When most of us think about Colorado we think of skiing and almaybe even the song by John Denver “Rocky Mountain High”. According to Wikipedia, Colorado also has deep mining history first of gold and silver and more recently of uranium. You can also see the scars of mining in Colorado on the land. Abandoned uranium mines in the San Juan mountains, and abandoned mining operations in Leadville and Telluride. Today we saw an active mining operation, the  Henderson molybdenum mine. Most of the mining operation is underground but above ground is a massive dam. I don’t think the scale of the mine is captured in the pictures below.

Frisco our destination is in Summit county home to Brekenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, and Cooper Mountain ski resorts. Needless to say the area is well developed for tourists, shopping, and outdoor activities. There were many cyclists on the roads, hikers on trails, and sail boats on Heaton Bay. It was overwhelming to enter Frisco after days of quiet and solitude in less crowded areas.

Frisco is the place where we said goodbye to Sue and where we saw Traci again. Traci who lives in Kansas and the person who organized the trip, broke her collar bone on day three of the trip. She was helicoptered to a hospital and has been healing her shoulder at home. Ever present Traci followed us via Delorme and Facebook to encourage on. Traci drove 8 hours from Dodge City and ever the organizer, booked a nice hotel in Frisco for a mini reunion. Traci and Sue who were friends before the trip, enjoyed several days together in Frisco before Traci drove Sue to Salt Lake City. Sue had priorities at home in Seattle pulling her away from the trip and Sue would either fly home from Salt Lake or rent a car for the drive home. We enjoyed Sue’s company and her humor during the trip and will miss her!

Morning fog

Osprey nest
Henderson molybdenum mine
Back side of Henderson damn. Molybdenum is an alloy with which to strengthen steele.

Heaton Bay above Frisco is a large reservoir for the city of Denver.
Erika climbing Heaton dam
Gondola in front of Wholefoods in Frisco

One thought on “KREMMLING TO FRISCO – 60 Miles

  1. Thank you for the kind words. Sue ended up catching a flight out of Denver, but not until I gave her a driving tour of Summit and Eagle Counties. It was so good to catch up with you albeit a very short visit. You are an inspiration. Keep the blogs coming!


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