Sometimes it’s hard to get started after a rest day and get back on the bike. We were headed to Steamboat so that was motivating. Steamboat or Boat as locals call it, is not only an outdoor playground for cycling, rafting and skiing, it’s also home to Big Agnus tents and Moots bicycles.

The first part of the ride consisted of rollers. Many of them on maintained gravel road. Then a 1.5 hike a bike section which was not too steep but combined with the unmaintained rock filled trail it was impassable riding a bike. Btw, 1.5 miles seems short if you’re walking or riding, but when pushing a fully loaded steele bike on a rocky path uphill 1.5 miles seems like 10.

The 6 mile downhill after the climb should have been joyous but the same rocky path we walked up was the same rocky path we had to ride down. It was the hardest unpaved downhill section of the entire GDMBR so far. Bone rattling, brain jawing, and butt numbing! After this section came a hard packed downhill gravel section which was fast! We enjoyed it and the fast ride into Boat on the road.

Since we had a lay over day at Brush Mountain we were only staying one day in Boat. If we had I’d still be there. Boat is a outdoor person’s paradise. There is a river running through town for easy access to fishing, suping, and rafting. There are hiking and mountain biking trails that begin in the city limits and up the mountain and a bike trail through the city. Road bikers would enjoy miles of rural roads radiating out from Boat. With in the city limits is a downhill ski resort and paths for xc skiing. Boat has it all and we were sad to leave!

Sign warning the public about dos and donts when meeting sheep guard dogs
Goin up the rocky path
Erika going down the rocky path

Rabbit Ears is the name of a mountain and the hotel we stayed in Boat
Orange Peel bike shop located in a unique building and had great bikes and service

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