Instead of staying in Pinedale we rode 11 miles more to stay at a RV camp in Boulder. This shaved off 11 miles to the ride the next day and we could also shower at camp. the Boulder route is just before the start of the Great Basin and we will get a glimpse of the 120 miles through the basin. As its been described “The Great Divide Basin or Great Divide Closed Basin is an area of land in Wyoming’s Red Desert where none of the water falling as rain to the ground drains into any ocean, directly or indirectly.” All of the water drains into lakes or is absorbed by the land. The unique characteristic is these is little water and the land is barren of what since WY Does not receive significant precipitation during the summer months. This is not ideal when you’re trying to bike through it.

The great Divide book and map failed to mention that today’s ride and for that matter the next three days is filled with rollers. Better than steep hills but it’s good to know what you’re getting into. The roads also are mostly gravel through hard pack, loose, sandy, maintained, and simply rocky and terrible gravel roads. The next three days could break a riders spirit due to the winds. Imagine what the Morman, Oregon, California bound pioneers Went through with hand carts and ox driven wagons? No more complaining!!

The views made up for all of the bad roads though. Expansive views of flat and rolling terrain, mountains, and vast tracks of kand. Beautiful, wild, untamed, and unbroken. It gives a unique perspective of the land, our history in American, the fortitude of the pioneers, the demise of the First Nations, and the western American spirit and character of which I can imagine can be traced back to here. 

It’s driveable by the way And I encourage everyone to come and experience it!

We forgot to buy our staple tortillas and bought rhe world’s largest loaf of what bread

Two foxes
Two foxes running away

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