Judy’s advise to us about traveling to Rawlins was to get an early start at 6:00 am to avoid the heavy truck traffic on the interstate and she confirmed what we had expected all along, that people in Wyoming don’t like cyclists. We saw a difference in the drivers from Montana to Wyoming. In Montana drivers waved and have pumped fists or a thumbs up. In Wyoming drivers were the opposite and rarely have an acknowledgment. In general, drivers in WY did not slow down on dirt roads kicking up dust and rocks. Judy said to stay are far to the right of the rumble strip on the road as possible and to ride to Rawlings as quick as possible.

We followed her advise and arrived in Rawlins in 3.5 hours. Sue our friend who we are riding with took the highway around the Great Basin which was all on the interstate and included two days of very long miles. We were concerned about her as we experienced the trucks, RVs, and speeding traffic along the roads.

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