We went to the city hall to inquire about staying in the park and the nice woman we spoke with mentioned again staying in a church. Bailroil is a very small town of a few hundred people and she made two calls to confirm that yes we could sleep in the church out of the wind and even take a shower. The caller on the other end said there were instructions in the church.

We rode to the small church around the corner and entered on the side of the building. In the room was a sign welcome cyclist with some information. Eat food in the fridge, sleep on the futon, and take a shower. In the kitchen there was more information for us.

Three hours ago I felt the loneliest I had felt in a very long time. I was angry at the truck driver for kicking up dirt and for not caring to stop to check in on us in the middle of the Great Basin far from water and help. I felt this journey was ours alone and that we are all alone to struggle by ourselves. Now I was filled with gratitude and I was humbled standing in the warm church away from the wind. This congregation came to our rescue and is committed to helping cyclists on their journey. They unlocked the church, stocked the kitchen with food, provided towels for the shower, and allowed us to sleep inside. It was an amazing moment for the both of us to feel lost and then found by the kindness of strangers.

The instigator was Judy Raymond a former Adventure Cycling ride leader and member of the congregation. She suggested that the church host Divide riders and others agreed and they made it happen. We called Judy to thank her and to ask for information on the ride tomorrow to Rawlins. She is a very nice person and she and the church want to help all riders on the Divide. They know that traveling in the basin can be harsh and unforgiving.

Amazing Grace!

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