Jackson to Pinedale WY – Reroute

Due to the Lava Mountain fire near Togwotee pass on highway 26 north of Jackson we were rerouted through Hoback Canyon southeast through another active though less dangerous fire, the Cliff Creek fire. The ride was 77 miles all on pavement and took two days. I was looking forward to climbing Togwotee pass and would like to come back to ride a 5 – 6 day loop around the Tetons and would include the pass.

The ride through Hoback Canyon was initially very smokey but we were told that the smoke would lift by 11:00 AM. I was initially concerned but almost on queue the smoked cleared out.

10 mile bike trail south on 191 out of Jackson
Smoke from the Cliff Creek fire would eventually clear out after the morning
Bike bandit
Bandanas to help with the smoke from the fire
Smoke was bad but cleared out by 11:00 AM
Cliff Creek fire started here due to lightning
Camp for Helicopters pilots and crew fighting Cliff Creek fire
Crew of one helicopter invited us to their camp for a closer view
Water bucket that the pilot fills with water
This team is out of Montana and is contracted by the Forestry Dept. to fight fires
The pilot flies to the fire in the helicopter which has a 200 miles range and only room for one person. The mechanic drives
A pump at the bottom of the water bucket pumps water into the bucket allowing the pilot to get water from a creek or lake
View from camp in Rim Station, 47 miles from Jacskon
We crossed under three animal overpass from Rim Station to Pinedale on highway 189. These were built to help with the pronghorn and elk migration
Happy to eat rice at a Chinese restaurant in Pinedal WY after 6 weeks!
many llamas at the RV park in Pinedale

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