Jackson – Rest Day

Jackson was very busy when we came through and with the car traffic it was not a restful place to ride around. We were told that the 100th anniversary of the National Parks and low gasoline prices spiked the number of visitors. Jackson was not on route and we rode 40 miles off route. It was a good thing since smoke from the Lava Mountain fire was a concern and we would have been rerouted anyway. BTW, Jackson Hole just earned the dubious honor of the city with the largest income disparity in the U.S.

We did however enjoy two good meals of rotisserie chicken from a local health food store where I saw and said hello to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. Like an Apple fan girl I was giddy!

Jackson does have very nice bike paths though. From the town of Moose all the way into Jackson, 20 miles we rode the bike path. There are also bike paths in town and from Teton Village to Jackson. The paths are well maintained and there is much to see along the path.

Lobby of the Virginian Hotel
Antler arch Jackson Square (antlers fall off naturally and are regrown)
Snow King Mountain Resort in downtown Jackson. Locals ski irsort and not the famous Jackson Hole resort

Community bike path Jackson

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