When a three time Divide racer tells you not to ride a trail we listen! Cricket the owner of the Whitefish Bike Retreat and three time racer and two time non racer finisher gave us some advise while we were at the retreat. One of many was to not follow the trail or the alternate trail listed on the Divide map. Her advice, take the paved road all the way and we were happy that we did.

The regular route in the book sounds describes a rails to trails, sandy roads, and a tedious section. It warns not to take the trial if it has recently rained. The issue we learned is ATVs have access to the trail and have created washboards that extend for the entire trail except the last five miles. I’d rather have jury duty than ride washboards!

We rode the highway instead from Island Park to the Mesa Falls Scenic Highway. It was all on pavement and with Erika pulling most of the way, it was a fast trip to camp.

The Warm River campground is an ideal place to stay. Its along Henry’s Fork River and is a great place for tubing down the river or fly fishing. The mosquitos are alive and hungry but not to the point where you hide in your tent. The setting is quiet and the campgrounds are well maintained.

Upper Mesa Falls
Lowe Mesa Falls
Warm River camp ground. Great for camping, intertubing, and flyfishing
Wading area created for each campsite along the river

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