1 Month Anniversary 

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is our one month anniversary on the GDMBR. The Route mileage ridden is 986 and the actual mileage 1,070. This means we have two months to go and 1,714 miles left to ride. We’ve ridden through Banff and Montana and will ride through Idaho (85 miles), Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Alpha Pack has split into two. The Alpha Alpha pack of Sue W., Vegan Carrie, and Jane are two days ahead and are riding fast and furious! The touring Alpha Pack of Sue J., Erika, and I are following the daily mileage outlined in the book and are taking a rest day once a week. Texas Betty, who’s bike arrived one day late, has been enjoying time in Seeley Lake and plans on trying the GDMBR next year. Our injured leader Traci is on the sidelines recovering from her shoulder blade injury but is with us every step of the way following us via our Delorme tracks, email, and Facebook. She’s already planning a GDMBR trip next year.

Alpha Pack in Banff
Alpha Pack on 7/1 at the start of our journey
Alpha Pack day two somewhere in Alberta

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