The scenery from one day the next can shift quickly in Montana. Yesterday we rode next to large tracks of farm and grazing land and the mountains played a backup roll in the distance. Today the valley narrowed and we rode through rock canyons and creeks. It seemed like a world away from the scenery on the route yesterday.

The days route was mostly on graded gravel roads with some washboards. The 26 miles to the paved section was on a slight decline and the riding was fast. We lingered though and took pictures stopping at creeks and looked for Golden Eagles high in the rocks.

Before we bikes to our final destination Lima, we took a 1.5 mile detour to Dell and ate pie at the world famous Calf-A. We shared a large piece of blackberry pie and Erika thought it was the best she ever had. 

Tonight we sleep on the gated grassy area at the Exxon station in Lima. The owner supports Sivide riders and let’s us camp for free. We have access to water and an electrical outlet. This is like no Exxon stations I’ve ever been to. It sells gas, guns, amo, food, and camping supplies! I love Montana!!

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