After a day off its hard to tell how your legs will perform especially climbing legs. It’s good to have a day off once a week but I do thinking about how my legs will respond while I’m at the spa getting a two hour message. The Joerger’s kindly dropped us off at Bannack road where we could pick up the route where we left it. It was 84 degrees and we had a long ride today.

The first part of the ride on Bamnack bench road was a well maintained gravel road and was flat. We traveled past large cattle farms and fields of freshly cut alfalfa. Though it was hot we were traveling 10 mph and above And the first 16 miles went quickly. 

The second half of the ride on Big Sheep Creek Back Country Byway, was also on gravel but the road was not graded and there were rocks and ruts to stir around which made the traveling slower. The temperature heated up with little shade to protect from the sun. By the way, I highly recommend a drive on the scenic byway. You will see a diversity of scenery including  mountains, canyons, and creeks.

By the end of the day we were wiped out and stayed at the creek below Morrisson Lake instead of riding another steep two miles to the lake. The field where we slept was nice and big with some grass but it also had a lot of cow patty and man eating flies.Not the most ideal location to end a long hot day of riding but at least we had a creek to wash up and to filter for drinking water.

Bob, Betty, and Sue Joerger
Erika getting read for another day on the Divide
Along Big Sheep Creek Back Country Byway
An old sign for a Divide racer
Highly recommend a drive on the Big Sheep Creek Back Country Byway. A beautiful drive on gravel
Many large ranches along the scenic backcountry byway
The welcoming committee
Modern cowboys herd cows on motorcycles
Who’s that under the bug net?
View from the inside of the tent

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