Rest Day – Helena

Finally a rest day in Helena which means go to the bike shop for repairs, buy a new camera because Olympus Tough camera is not so tough, buy food, work on bikes, and finally take some time to be a tourist and enjoy and learn about Helena.

We enjoyed a visit to the Montana historical museum and State capital building. The main exhibit of the museum was a wing dedicated to Charles Russell paintings and bronze statues. Russell was a 19th century artist who’s main subject were First Nation tribes, Montana landscape, and Cowboys. The other wings of the museum included Montana history from prehistoric to present.

Sue Joerger’s tan line
Erika first in the wolf den
Erika at home

Sue Joerger stretching in a tipi
Erika wearing a summer bison jacket
Sue Joerger wearing a winter bison jacket
Cowgirl Erika
Two Alpha Pack outlaws running feom the law
View from Montana State capital building
Large Charles Russell painint in Montana Representatives room – in recess or everyone at RNC?
Cell phone booth
Deer roaming Helena neighborhood

2 thoughts on “Rest Day – Helena

  1. Roy Egawa

    Hope you had a good rest and refueled to replace all the food that you’ve been missing.. We were looking at the Adventure Cycling video on the GDMBR showing the country you’ll be going through. We envy you guys!
    Next week we’ll be going up for the Oregon ride and hopefully Isako’s knee holds up and there’s always a SAG. She is now scheduled for a partial replacement at the end of August.


    1. Hello Roy and Isako-san,

      Hope you’re having a great ride in Oregon and I hope the weather is not too hot. Glad to hear theIsako-san will have her knee repaired before PIRC!





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