Today we cross the Continental Divide which means climbing and we were not disappointed. The crossing at Poormans Gulch has been the  mist memorable climb so far for the pain and suffering it caused. It was a 4 mile climb up a primitive road (not maintained with severe ruts and protruding rocks) with 7-8% climbs and at the steepest I estimate at 13%. It was a type a climb that would not stop. Just when you thought you reached the summit the climb would continue. Just like all pain and suffering in life is momentarily so was Poormans.

Our destination today was a primitive campground in the Helena National Forest however we made arrangement to stay six miles from there and stay at Barbara Nye’s bicyclist only cabin/campground. Barbara is a trail angel to cyclists on the Divide and allows us to stay on her property for free. She allows us to use her water, lounge in her green garden and connect to her wifi. The night we stayed there were 14 cyclists camped out in her pasture with her three llamas. It was a special place which we very much enjoyed and thank Barbara for her kindness!

A most memorable climb!
Erika and Mayumi a top of Poormans Gulch
Erika at the top of Poormans gulch
Sue Joerger reaches the top of Poormans Gulch

Barbara Lye’s bicycle only cabin and camping
Camping in the field eith 3 llamas
Sara, Mayumi, and Sue resting on the porch
Inside the bikers cabin well kept and decorated
Loft 1 in the cabin
Loft 2
Mayumi as the llama whisperer
Come se llama llama?
A mule, a colt, and horses seek attentions

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