Hammer Nutrition

Vegan Carrie planned to stay at a Warm Showers connection she had made and Vegan Pink Toe Nail Tim was joining her. The Warm Showers host Bob, is a nutritionist at Hammer Nutrition. You know the Hammer of Hammer Gels that keep you going on a ride or the Heed, Perpetum, Fizz, or Endurolytes that you may take along. Well Bob invited Alpha Pack for a tour of the office In Whitefish. 

What we learned is Hammer is all about the customer, the athlete. They have great customer service and create healthy sustainable products to keep us going. The products are developed and created based on the science of performance and recovery. You can trust that the products have quality ingredients, are thoroughly researched, and are produced, created, and delivered by dedicated and just plain nice people!

vegan Pink Toe Nail Time
Vegan Carrie in blue

Bob the product nutritionist
Bill founder and CEO
Hammer Unimog

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