The ride description had two climbs one steep and the other steeper for the fist 17 miles. Luckily the climb was not that bad. It was long and your legs felt it coming down but the grade was no more than 4-5%. Coming down was like a downhill roller coaster. Fast, bumpy, and a lot of fun. Erika who’s not a fan of downhill mtn biking thoroughly enjoyed it and was riding the best downhill I’ve seen from her.

The views all days were spectacular! First we rode through old growth forrest and as we climbed higher we could see lakes and the Mission and the Swan mountain range. The Swan range closest to us, we could clearly see the evenly space avalanche chutes and the trees that were eroded by the avalanche. Coming down the mountain was a view of a vast alpine basin but we were going too fast to truly take it all in.

Avalanche chutes
Glaciers on the mission range

One thought on “Day 14 – HOLLAND LAKE TO SEELEY LAKE 32 miles

  1. Isako

    Great you’d get a little break from ever-present rain, but my heart and legs quivered when I saw the narrow road with downhill on your left ! Glad all the Alpha Pack didn’t encounter wild animals.
    May you have more sunshine and continue safe journey.


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