Today was an easy ride mostly on pavement. We snaked through Whitefish and Kallispell and had the opportunity to stop by our truck parked at Janet and Bob’s house. We dumped about 6 pounds on unneeded gear. So happy that our panniers weigh less for the big climbs coming later in Montana and Colorado.

We roamed through rural roads passing farmland, working ranches, and large ranchitas (large properties the size of ranches without the ranch). The best part was few cars!

We stayed in Bigfork, MT, on the west side of Flathead Lake which we learned is the largest body of fresh water west of the Mississippi. It looks like a bay it’s so large and those familiar with SF bay might agree of the similarities in scale of this lake and the SF bay.

The Wayfarers campground at  Flathead Lake has a bike packers section with a cost of $6 per person. It was by far the best State camp and least expensive for cyclists. There was a nicely set up area for bike packers and we had access to a bear box, rest rooms, and water. They are build more sites and a covered area with outlets. This is a model for all State parks.

Last bit, we rode in the sun for the second time In the trip. It was glorious! In the middle of the night it poured rain! Give us a break Montana, I’m pleading with you! I even made up a song about it.

our truck parked and Janet and Bob’s
A note Janet legt for us
Swan river leading to Flathead Lake
Flathead Lake bikepacker camp site
Kelly of Salsa Bikes takes our picture
Flathead Lake is the largest lake west of the Mississippi. it looks like a large bay
Swan river turns into rapids as the canyon to Flathead lake narrows

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