What do we eat?

Erika and I have a pragmatic approach to food on the divide. It’s all based on weight and time. If it weights a lot we won’t carry it and if it takes a lot of time to cook we won’t eat it. It’s iconic since I’m a foodie and love to cook and Erika is becoming a foodie.

Breakfast is instant Starbucks coffee (thanks for the suggestion Roy), peanut butter in a tortilla for Mayumi and granola bars for Erika. Lunch the same as breakfast for both. If we are lucky carrots or a piece of fruit. Dinner could be a dehydrated meal (add water and eat), top ramen (some cooking involved), or mashed potatoes and pre-cooked chicken (from a pouch). Nutella, nuts, energy bars, Spizz, nut rolls and paydays are treats we enjoy throughout the day

Other riders like Sue Whitfield and Sue Joerger prepare food and enjoy nice meals. Sue W. brings cheese, wasabi peas, and canned tuna, rice, and nori to make tuna rolls.

When in town we live it up and buy fresh bread and have it with turkey or ham, salad (salad in a bag kit), hard boiled eggs, and chips (in a can).

Sue J. earing a salmon salad
Failed Jiffy Pop made over a backpacking stove but we ate it
Though it may look like Baby diarhea on a tortilla it’s split pea soup on a tortilla
our favorite meal, dehyrdrated Padthai
Sue W. prepsring a wicked awesome meal
Official snack of Alpha Pack

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