Rain rain go away and come back in five minutes. That should be Montana state saying. The afternoon rain in Montana has been predictable it comes in at 1:00 and it will either rain for an hour or all afternoon. Today was the all afternoon type. We rode back roads out of Eureka on pavement and saw many white tailed deer, cold but no rain. Then rode the tree lined rolling hills of the Tobacco Valley on a nice gravel rode, stopping for lunch along the road. No rain at 12:30 but some clouds are moving in. Last push up the gravel bumpy Flathead forest service road, a 2 miles climb, and the rain comes in. No patience the rain comes quickly in large drops. Barreling down the Whitefish divide on a 5 mile rocky descent to the Tuchuck camp ground, the rain begins on pour in honest. Mud puddles form and our bikes, panniers, and bodies are covered in dirt. We arrives in camp alive and quickly put up our tents, peel off our wet clothes and hunker down in our tents until the rain passes a few hours later.
To dry up and get warm Sue Whitfield started a fire using vasoline and a roll of toilet paper. The wet wood was difficult to get started but once it did we had a nice fire going to warm our bodies, clothes, and shoes. Such is a rainy summer day on the GDMBR.

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