The days that we go to town are exciting because we can restock up on food and Alpha Pack is all about food. Many of our conversations are about food and with Alpha Pack member Carrie Thompson, aka the vegan, among us, we are learning about vegan recipes and a healthier way of eating. Town day can also be hectic. Our goal in Whitefish is to visit the bike shop for a repair, pick up a package at the Post Office, buy a new rain jacket, and shop for food. We’ll spend the night at the Whitefish Bike Retreat (inside), a bikers paradise to shower, clean our bikes, wash our clothes, and indulge!

About the ride today, the first 20 miles was on hard packed rolling gravel on well maintained logging road. The rocks were minimal and Alpha Pack enjoyed a fast rolling 10 pushing the pace and enjoying the pack spirit. From Whitefish Lake to the town of Whitefish we were on the road for the last 8 miles. Whitefish Lake is an immense lake with lake front homes and it’s popular to waterski and jet ski. We spotted an Eagle hunting for breakfast as we approached the lake but most of the lake was obscured by homes :(.

Sue cleaning her bike at the Whitefish Bike Retrea
Bike barn a good place to work on your bike
Among my biking people, I feel at home!

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