Day 9 – Tuchuck CAMPGROUND TO RED MEADOW LAKE 30 miles

Over the days the riding becomes easier as our bodies become adjusted to the altitude, the riding terrain, hills, gravel roads, and the sometimes rocky roads.The heart attack hills are becoming more like a sustained interval, though Colorado may introduce more heart pounding climbs from the altitude and the length of the climbs. The scenery has changed as well from the Canadian Rockies to the forested Montana mountians. Today we got a little of both. We started a nice rolling gravel road out of the Tuchuck campground through a green forested area along the Flathead River. As we came out of the forested area we reached the west side of Glacier National Park and we could see the Rockies from Canada extend into the U.S. Amazing sight to see the tall mountains appear around a bend in the road. It’s amazing what appears around the bend, a river, coal mining operation, burnt out Forrest, a waterfall….

Ahead rhrough the trees we can glimps what lie ahead of the lush green forested road we have been riding for the first 8 miles
Western edge of Glacier National Park
Rockies extend from Canadian border 15 miles away and south as far as the eye can see
Red Meadow Lake has is brautiful but has swarms of man eating mosquitos
Instead of staying at Red Meadow Lake, we descended 1,000 ft and stayed at Upper Whitefish Lake
We take precaution about bears by hanging our food and carrying bear spray but we have only seen bear scatt

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