Eureka Montana

Eureka Montana has rolled out the red carpet to bike packers on the GDMBR. They allows cyclists to sleep in the city park for free and provided a free warm shower. This is amazing hospitality and we bikers pay them back by purchasing food and supplies in town. Alpha Pack spent more than $200 and will spend more in the morning. Is this good business for cities? You betcha! K

One thought on “Eureka Montana

  1. Roy Egawa

    Dear Mayumi and Erika,

    Can’t tell you enough how much we have been enjoying your blog. Roy gave the link to your blog to Mark Sutro as he was interested in your adventures. I hope you won’t mind.
    I am disappointed that I haven’t been able to send my thoughts to you, but I wanted you to know we are cheering for both of you and the Pack! Wishing all the best and safe journey to each and every one on this ride.

    Isako (and Roy, too)


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